Appeals Worldwide is celebrating its 30th year of drafting letters on behalf of human rights victims who are the subjects of Amnesty International campaigns. During this time, its subscribers have posted or faxed nearly a million letters, usually to foreign government ministers and Heads of State etc. Each letter is uniquely worded.

The lives of many human rights victims hang by a thread. If the authorities think that the outside world neither knows nor cares about their plight, it is so much easier for them to execute them, torture them or leave them to die in festering, disease-ridden jails.

However, even a simple action can make a difference. This is what a former torturer in El Salvador said:

'If there is a lot of pressure, like from Amnesty International, we might pass the inmates on to a judge. But if there's no pressure, they're dead.'

We have received innumerable messages of appreciation, of which the following is just one example:

"I have just signed my letters - excellently compiled by you. So often in the past, I have meant to write about some injustice or other, and frequently - I'm ashamed to say - failed to do so. Now I feel I'm really doing something worthwhile."

There have numerous releases of prisoners of conscience etc., many of whom have written moving tributes to those campaigning on their behalf.

However, with much of the world in turmoil, the need for letter-writing campaigns is now greater than ever. Whether you are already a seasoned campaigner or have never dreamt of writing to a foreign government minister, this service provides everything you need.

Simply choose a case and click to generate a letter that you can paste into a Word document, then print and post. It could hardly be easier.