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Every three months, we send you:

  • Three personalised letters to foreign governments &c based on the latest Amnesty appeals
  • Full case details including the names & addresses of the officials to whom you are writing
  • Full instructions and explanations about the letters service
  • Information about current airmail postage rates &c
  • We offer friendly and helpful support by email and phone.

Please note that your subscription does not include airmail postage to the (overseas) destinations. 

You need to choose one of the three options below:

1. Fully formatted ('prepared') letters with addressed airmail envelopes. Just sign and post.
2. Fully formatted ('prepared') letters on their own. You will need to provide your own envelopes.
3. Draft 'model' letters for you to transcribe by hand.

You'll never need to feel guilty again about not having written your full quota of letters!


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