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Protect yourself against future price rises!

To save having to renew your subscription every 9 months, it is now possible to set up an automatic, indefinite monthly subscription. Just like a Standing Order, you can cancel it at any time. Unlike a Standing Order,  you can very easily set it up yourself using the multi-choice 'Subscribe' button directly below. You will continue to receive letters approximately every 3 months. There is currently a two-month Free Trial offer, open to new or existing customers.

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How we identify you:

When you subscribe, Paypal automatically sends us an email notification with your name, postal address and transaction details.

Amnesty letters monthly subscriptions

You can still renew on a 9-monthly basis if you wish, using the table below. However, this is time-consuming both for you and us, and we hope you will consider changing to the new, inflation-proof method above.

No. of mailings  Overall Period (months) Frequency    Real Lives Appeals ONLY (3 letters per mailing)
3 9 Every 3 months.
Model letters (3 per page).
3 9 As above £23.00
Printed letters.
3 9 As above £29.00
Printed letters with addressed airmail envelopes.