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For a very modest monthly fee, subscribing saves you the trouble of copying, pasting, editing and printing the letters. We send you ready-to-sign letters with optional addressed airmail envelopes. Although our existing subscribers can opt for the free letters, not one of them has done so for the simple reason that they know it would be more trouble than it's worth.

In case you were wondering, printed letters are vastly more effective than emails. Also, we prefer to send them through the post because large numbers of emails are often incorrectly flagged as spam. If you wish to edit your letters, you can easily do this using OCR.

Unless we have a sufficient number of subscribers, the service will no longer be sustainable. So please do yourself a favour and sign up now. You won't regret it and there is nothing to pay for the first two months!

Select a country and then press the GENERATE LETTER button as often as you like to generate differently worded letters. (MOBILE USES: Tap on the grey button directly on your left to choose a country