Why vary the wording?

Originally under the auspices of AIUK South Devon Group 115, we have generated well over a million letters over the last 3 decades, none of them identically worded. (See typical example above.)

This is because ‘form letters’ are easily recognised as such by the recipient governments and consequently have far less impact.  We regard it as self-evident that unique, customised  letters are vastly superior.

Imagine 100 people in a room each being asked to write letters based on the same case details.  They would all write broadly similar letters but with considerable variations in detail and certainly none of them identically worded.  

You can also mention your occupation if you wish. This shows the recipients that the letters are from real people.

We have developed and honed our own system over many years and it is the only one of its kind in the world – truly unique.  We go to enormous lengths to maintain the highest standards and as, as a result, some of our subscribers have remained loyal to us for up to 30 years!

Whilst it is rare to receive replies from foreign governments and embassies, our subscribers have forwarded us hundreds of them.

(Photos of four examples shown below, with recipients’ addresses obscured).